Thursday, June 19, 2008

Usrah Farewell Geng Cooper


meehun, bubur durian cicah roti, puding jagong, jagung manis, teh..mengisi perut yg lapar......untuk more news ...can anyone update and post pictures?

For Tazkirah points pls view below link

what is soo great of ISNA convention?
*you meet Muslims! thousands of them...Hotels are full with Muslims and even Hotel mgmt dedicate one hall to be prayer room
* halal food..and u may get halal KFC from KFC-chicago!
*carpets, dates, fresh shopping time
*and lastly...great ceramah ranging from education, finance, health, matrimony (yes mencari menantu), Seerah (my fav)Tauhid and Feeqah....and u can choose which one to attend!...and yes there's seperate session for teens!with so many session....rambang mata which one to choose...and yes your notepad is now your best companion!

and this year convention will be in Columbus Ohio!

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